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Campus Life
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The UGACard is the official University of Georgia identification card for students, faculty, staff, official campus visitors, and their dependents.

UGACard Features

  • Color photograph
  • Bar Code
  • Your UGAID number
  • Your Bulldog Bucks account number
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Your signature

What is my UGA ID Number?
Your UGACard will have your 16-digit identification number placed in three locations: numerically printed on the back of the card, encoded into a barcode on the back of the card, and encoded onto the magnetic stripe.

UGACard front and back
The first 6 digits are your Bulldog Bucks account PIN.  The next set of 9 digits is your “UGAID” (which replaces your Social Security number).  The last digit is your “Issue Level”, which represents the number of replacement card that you have been issued.  Your first card is always a zero.

In the event that you must replace a lost or stolen UGACard, your new card will have a new randomly-assigned Bulldog Bucks PIN and your “Issue Level” will increase by one.  Your 9-digit UGAID will not change.

Some services on campus allow you to type in your UGAID number instead of swiping your UGACard.  You must also type in your 10-digit number, beginning with your UGAID and ending with your current Issue Level. 

You will not need to memorize your Bulldog Bucks PIN, as you must physically swipe your card when making a purchase.

For more information about the UGAID, see

Biometric Hand Scanning

After your UGACard is printed, an ID Technician will scan your hand to create a biometric handkey image to be used for accessing the dining halls and the Ramsey Physical Fitness Center.

The handkey enrollment process does not record fingerprints.  Instead, a camera captures a three dimensional image of the length, width, and depth of your hand and fingers to create a digital template.  This template is used for comparison when you scan your hands at a handkey when accessing the above-mentioned facilities.

In the event that your hand image gives you difficulty, please return to the UGACard Office with your ID card so that we can re-enroll your hand image.

UGACard | The University of Georgia | 309 Tate Student Center | Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706-542-9226

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